Kristof Robertson


There is a state that I rate although I've never been there
It has got bison (they're a really big type of cow)
It's kinda square-ish
Right next to Idaho, that's where I wanna go now.

My my my, Wyoming
Sky sky sky, Wyoming
I can see Cheyenne up ahead, oh yeah!
Wyoming, there's lots a space, not many folks there.

Rivers so clear, full of trout you can spear, I'd be happy
Yellowstone Park, must be careful, don't fuck with a bear!
At a rodeo,
watching bulls flipping old cowboys right up in the air!

Rhymes rhymes rhymes with "roaming"
Florida's got sun, New York's "Number one"
But good ole' Wyoming in my heart has hit a home run.


It's kinda squarish
Not quite Colorado, but where I wanna go now!

Ohio I'll shun, Michigan's no fun
But good ol' Wyoming in my heart has hit a home run!

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