F. R. David

Words don't come easy (Video)

(Chorus I:)
Words don't come easy to me 
How can I find a way
to make you see I love you?
Words don't come easy.

(Chorus II:)
[Words/*] don't come easy to me
This is the only way
for me to say "I love you"
Words don't come easy.

Well I'm just a music man
Melody's so far my best friend
But my words are coming all wrong
And I, I reveal my heart to you and
hope that you believe it's true -- 'cause

Chorus I

This is just a simple song 
that I've made for you on my own 
There's no hidden meaning, you know
And I, when I say "I love you", honey,
please believe I really do -- 'cause 

Chorus I

It isn't easy
Words don't come easy.

Chorus I+II*

Words don't come easy... (fade)

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