Lynsey de Paul

Won't somebody dance with me? (Video) (Audio)

And now the band is playing very slow
And once again I'll get my coat and go
A lonely wallflower*, waiting by the wall,
without the willpower to face the music at all.

Please, won't somebody dance with me,
start up a romance with me?
Just someone [to care/**somewhere],
someone [somewhere for a dance/**who'll dare take a chance] with me.

I feel so silly in my patent shoes
So many partners, but none of them will choose
a lonely wallflower growing very tired
into the small hours, and feeling undesired.


  (da da da ... ba ba ba...)


Just someone to care,
someone somewhere for a dance with me?

May I have the pleasure of this dance?***

*Aus diesem Song lernte ich erst, daß es den Ausdruck "Mauerblümchen" auch auf Englisch gibt ;-)
***Er spricht das in britischem Englisch - warum? Um klarzustellen, daß das "echt" gemeint ist, nicht bloß als Tagträumerei der Sängerin - die ja in amerikanischem Englisch singt.

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