Albert Hammond

Woman of the world

You're a woman of the world
You seem to know more than you say
Every time I look into your eyes
you give the game away.

You're a woman of the world
You've seen the sun and seen the rain,
hit the pinnacles of joy and felt
the lowest ebb of pain.

|: Don't you know :| don't you know that I understand,
yes, I understand, you know I do
And, girl, you haven't got to wait while I catch up with you
God only knows it's true.

You're a woman of the world,
both very strong and very frail,
a giant redwood or a tumbleweed
in a winter's gail.



You're a woman of the world
So let's be honest from the start
I can't leave you to the world because
I want you in my heart.

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