With a little love (Audio)

All around the world so many things could be put right
|: with a little love :|
Take a boy and girl, you see the way they make up when they fight
|: with a little love :|

There is really nothing to it
Anyone who tries can do it
All you need's a little bit of love.

Just wear a smile on your face
You'll see how soon it'll erase 
that weary frown that brought you down right from the start
Remember time and again
that sunshine follows the rain
and gently hugs to all the longing in your heart 
The world would be better off 
(*|:) with a little love (*:|)

A rich man has his money, 
but how often is he blessed
|: with a little love :|?
A poor man hasn't any
but he gets the good thing of happiness
|: from a little love :|

Rich or poor, how can you doubt it?
This old world's not good without it
All you need's a little bit of love.

Chorus (bis*)

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