Engelbert Humperdinck

Winter world of love (Video) (Audio)

My love, the days are colder
So let me take your hand
and lead you through a snow white land |: oh oh :|

My love, the year is older
So let me hold you tight
and wile away this winter night, oh oh!

I see the firelight in your eyes
Come kiss me now, before it dies,

We'll find a winter world of love,
'cause love is warmer in December
My darling, stay here in my arms
'till summer comes along
And in our winter world of love
you'll see, we always will remember
that as the snow lay on the ground
we found our winter world of love.

Because the nights are longer,
we'll have the time to say
such tender things before each day |: oh oh :|

And then, when love is stronger,
perhaps, you'll give your heart
and promise me we'll never part, oh no!

And at the end of every year
I'll be so glad to have you near.


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