Sandie Shaw

Wight is Wight (Audio)

Wight is Wight, Dylan is Dylan
Wight is Wight, viva Donovan!
It's just like a [sun/*dove/**star] in [the/*an] empty sky
Wight is Wight, and hip hip hip hippee
|: hip hippee :|

Arriving on the last deserted shores,
defying all accepted laws,
wearing smiles and empty heads
Like flowers out of season in disguise,
like a rain of butterflies,
representing every name.


You who condem all before you see,
you must know now that it's to be
and that youth must have its day
Peace and love from music hand in hand,
echoing throughout the land
Follow us, we'll show the way! 

Chorus** (bis)

La la la...

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