Gilbert O'Sullivan

Who was it? (Video)

Who was it that caught you falling
and put you back on your feet?
Who was it that tripped you any way
(in order that the two of us would meet)?

It was me and I'll tell you why
Oh! I did it because of my
pure unabashed devotion to loving


Who was it that tried to kiss you
despite a very definite "no!"?
And who was it that managed to succeed
(in getting it with your fist down below)?


You and me both feel the same
We even look alike, and ain't it a blooming shame
that because we do people think we are --
you know what I mean?*

Who was it that came to see you,
when there was no-one else in sight
And who was it that stayed over an hour
(and not as I'd expected over night)?

Pure unabashed devotion to loving
You, you, you, you --
Who was it that caught you falling?

*Ich kenne dieses Lied jetzt seit 40 Jahren und weiß immer noch nicht, was er meint ;-)

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