Connie Francis

Who'll buy my violets

Ladies, dear ladies, and gentlemen too
For one single moment pray listen, ah, do
To a wandering florist with my little few
Of sweet scented beauties to sell unto you
I'm far, far away from my own native France
Where the gayest and fairest exquisitely dance
With garlands of flowers of various hues
Will you from my basket, will you please choose.

Of my violets, roses, sweet scented posies
All of them sparkling and dripping with dew
Violets, roses, sweet scented posies
Who'll buy my roses, all sparkling with dew?

Deserted, oh, dear, not one single sou*
Then, charming ladies, I ask of you
to look at my roses and lilies so fair
Like diamonds they'll sparkle and shine in your hair
I have daisies, pansies and violets as well,
the Blue-bells of Scotland, the Scottish blue-bell,
the Shamrock so green, with England's sweet rose
Mam'selle from my basket, will you please choose.


But, if you please, if you please will you buy
I've come a long way my fortune to try
From my dear native France, my own sunny land
They'll make you look handsome, they'll make you look grand
I have some for your coat and some for your room
The odours delicious, and all in full bloom
If you don't buy them soon they will wither and die
And leave me to wander and plaintively cry.


*Ein Sou - Erbe des lateinischen Solidus und Vetter des peruanischen Sol - waren 5 Centimes.

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