Dana Kamide

Whining (Video)

We've been uptight for awhile,
even when you were on trial
Then we didn't see you last night
You had us millennials in a fright
So you sent Podesta to tell us "go home!"

Oh, you didn't even wish us well
Why couldn't you tell that we'd be
whining over you, rioting over you?

Then the next day you said: "So long!"
Left us moping all alone, alone and
whining, rioting, setting fires and crying.

It's hard to understand,
how Trump won the love of this land
It starts me whining.

We thought that we were over you,
when the FBI proved your crimes were true
But we love you even more,
though it seems more dumb than before,
but, Hillary, what can we do?
America chose Trump over you, and I'll always be
crying over you, whining over you.

Yes, now you're gone, you might go
to prison for so long, and we'll be
crying and whining and rioting,
crying, yeah whining, yeah dying,
yeah crying, and whining and rioting
and being a big cry baby...

I didn't want to work! I wanted free college
And I didn't get what I wanted, which was
Hillary Clinton, because she's a woman
And you're a sexist and bigoted racist homophobic, xenophobe
And no country builds walls and fences around its border
That's just stupid!

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