Richard Anthony

While I live (Audio)

While I live, I swear that I'll be true
Yes, in all my life, I'll love no-one but you
Long as I shall live, you are, while I live,
till I die I'll give you my love forever.

While I live, I swear I'll never go
And beyond this life, I'll still love you, I know
Just you wait and see, in eternity 
there will still be only you for me.

For the skys should break in two,
as long as I have you, 
somewhere a star will shine
Oh, all my life on earth may cease   
I'll never rest in peace 
unless I've made you mine.

While I live, to you I make this vow
that I'll always love the way I love you now
If I live or die, ever yours am I (fine)
while I live, my love is only you.

dal $egno al fine

All my life, I swear that I'll be true
While I live, I'll love but only you!

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