Peggy Lee

Where did they go?

I remember dancing to the velvet summer nights
Stars that softly flickered through a thousand colored lights
Sitting patiently until the sun began to rise
When morning turned our laughter to good-byes.

Where did they go, all the good times and the flowers and the wine,
the young men who held me, all the lovers who were mine?
Where did they go, all the sweet years, filled with laughter ev'ry day,
when time went on forever, oh, when did they slip away?

Driving through the midnight streets in gently falling rain,
a man might offer everything except, of course, his name
Leaning close he'd whisper how his love would never die,
till once again the morning meant good-bye.


Now it's time to light another candle on the cake
Join me in a glass of wine, if just for old time's sake
We'll drink to all our wishes now, wherever they may be
If one or two come true just think of me.


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