The Cuff Links

When Julie comes around (Audio)

A poem with no rhyme,
a clock without time,
a ship without sails,
just drifting on the water.

That's just how I feel,
whenever she's gone,
that's just how I feel,
my life's unreal, but I go on.

[I wait 'til/*When] Julie comes around
and sings a happy song of summer
and lifts my spirit up and
fills my foolish mind with wonder
She smiles a gentle smile
And suddenly I get that feeling, and then
I'm inside out with love,
'cause Julie's come around again.

She's just like a bird
She follows the sun
She spreads out her wings,
and once again, she leaves me.

It's always the same
I'm broken in two
But after a while, I always know
what I must do:

Chorus (bis*)

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