Petula Clark

When I was a child

When I was child, not so long ago,
life was full of make-believe, toys upon the floor
Living in a world, everything was new,
lollipops and rainbows, picture books and glue.

And summer days were long and the skies were always blue,
when nothing seemed to matter then, not even you
Growing old was far away, so many things to do,
when I was a child the days went by I didn't count them all -- did you?

Then the time went on, I grew up so fast
Then I found my young girl's dream coming true at last
For I fell in love, I fell in love with you
And I'm just as happy now, childhood days are through.

When I see our children's toys upon the floor
I still remember when I was a child once more
Nothing really changes now, for life goes on the same
'cause when I was a child the only difference is that it's a bigger game
than when I was a child.


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