Reparata & the Delrons

Whenever a teenager cries

My momma said to me: Do you really love that guy?
Does he ever make you cry?

Rain falling from the sky
Bluebirds, they don't fly
The stars, they're not so bright
The moon fading at night
It seems the whole world dies,
whenever a teenager cries (fine)

Tears for the one you love,
prayers sent to Heaven above,
in hope maybe some day
true love will come your way
Hot tears will fill my eyes,
whenever a teenager cries.

Oh, what wrong have I done to you
to make me cry the way that I do?
I need you, my darling, I love you so
Oh, come back to me, and I'll never let you go.

dal $egno al fine

|: whenever a teenager cries :|

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