Chicory Tip

What's Your Name? (Video) (Audio)

See her every morning, and I give myself a warning that it's time to speak.
But when she passes by I just cannot find the words, and I feel so weak.
Here she comes walking by again
this time I'm not gonna hesitate.

Hold my breath and I count to ten
I must ask her now
I'm gonna wonder on over
before the day gets older:

Hey, what's your name? What's your name?
What's the game that you're playing?
Is it real? Can I deal?
If I play can I stay? What's your name?
What's your game? What's your name?

I'm really glad you asked me, I've been hoping that you would, so she answered me.
She told me that she'd seen me every morning and had fallen in love with me.
All these weeks she's been so shy,
much too scared to give me the eye.

But she was thinking just the same
She must ask me now
She's gonna wonder on over
before the day gets older:



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