Charles Aznavour

What makes a man a man?

My mum and I we live alone
A great apartment is our home in Fairhome Towers
I have to keep me company:
Two dogs, a cat, a parakeet, some plants and flowers
I help my mother with the chores
I wash, she dries, I do the floors, we work together
I shop and cook and sow a bit
Though mum does too I must admit I do it better
At night I work in a strange bar
Impersonating every star, I'm quite deceiving
The customers come in with doubt
And wonder what I'm all about, but leave believing
I do a very special show
Where I am nude from head to toe after stripteasing
Each night the men look so surprised
I change my sex before their eyes
Tell me if you can: What makes a man a man?

At 3 o'clock or so I meet
With friends to have a bite to eat and conversation
We love to empty out our hearts
With every subject from the arts to liberation
We love to pull apart someone
And spread some gossip just for fun or start a rumour
We let our hair down, so to speak
And mock ourselves with tongue-in-cheek and inside humour
So many times we have to pay
For having fun and being gay, it's not amusing
There's always those that spoil our games
By finding fault and calling names always accusing
They draw attention to themselves
At the expense of someone else, it's so confusing
Yet they make fun of how I talk
And imitate the way I walk
Tell me if you can: What makes a man a man?

My masquerade comes to an end
And I go home to bed again, alone and friendless
I close my eyes, I think of him
I fantasise what might have been, my dreams are endless
We love each other but it seems
The love is only in my dreams, it's so one sided
But in this life I must confess
The search for love and hapiness is unrequited
I ask myself what I have got
Of what I am and what I'm not, what have I given
The answers come from those who make
The rules that some of us must break, just to keep living
I know my life is not a crime
I'm just a victim of my time, I stand defenceless
Nobody has the right to be
The judge of what is right for me
Tell me if you can: What makes a man a man?

Tell me if you can, tell me if you can
Tell me if you can: What makes a man a man?

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