Pat Boone

Welcome new lovers (Audio)

(Welcome one, welcome two,
welcome every one of you)

Welcome all new lovers (welcome, welcome)
to the land of love (land of love)
New lovers, here you'll find the happiness
that you've been dreaming of.

Welcome all new lovers (welcome, welcome)
It's so fabulous (fabulous)
New lovers, when you gave your heart away,
that made you one of us.

New lovers, you've passed (you've passed the loving test)
You gave (you gave your very best)
Until (till then you really care)
for someone somewhere.

All the stars are twinkling (twinkling, twinkling)
in the sky above (sky above)
They're saying, welcome all new lovers
into the land of love!

|: |: New lovers (welcome, welcome) :| :|

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