Freddy Breck

We believe in tomorrow (Audio)

Come what may, we believe in tomorrow, 
and a way full of joy and no more sorrow
After all we have only one lifetime
to be peaceful and happy, so let's do it with love.

Every night, every day is the blessing
Yet there's so many grieves, we all are losing
Time is right, music well every moment
And the sunshine of life will be yours night and day.

Oh, my heart tells me why your heart is feeling for me
What a feeling I feel when I love you
Never cry, no, don't cry (...?) and rely on (...?) me
In your touch there is such harmony.

We're two shadows alone in the night
In a world full of pain we see Heaven.

Come what may, we believe in tomorrow 
Darkest mem'ries will go, and a new sunlight will shine
|: A new day, [yes] a new way our tomorrow will bring :|
for you, for me.

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