Wearing the gowns

J-Lo's is red, Angie's is blue
Here comes the grand Hollywood red carpet star crew,
wearing the gowns.

Vanessa shines, Jennifer glows
Make room for sweet Heidi Klum and Beyonce Knowles
They're wearing the gowns, send in the gowns.

Cameras click, hosts open doors
Beautiful angels are flying and gliding on floors
Making their entrance again, perfect poise, flowing hair
Top fashion designs -- the elite's all there.

Penelope Cruz, lovely Denise
They're pausing a moment to pose, smiling with ease,
wearing the gowns, the fabulous gowns
Watch them, they're here.

Colors so rich, fabrics so sheer,
getting their timing just right, hyping career
Low cut unique gowns, wearing the gowns,
|: the buzz of the year :|

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