Roche Voisine

Until death do us part (Video)

I was nothing before, still I stand here today
As a keeper of dreams 'till the night fades away
Je l'aime à mourir.

You can tell me again all the reasons to leave
But with a touch of her hand she can make me believe
that I belong here, [yes I belong here/*and I will die here]
Je l'aime à mourir (fine)

Not a moment ago I was only a man
But she fills me with more in the way no one can
Je l'aime à mourir.

When she catches my eye all the light from the sun
seems to wither and die next to all she's become
I am without fear, and I would die here, je l'aime à mourir.

It isn't fair, you know, why should I care?
There are a million just like me
It isn't fair, you know, why should she care?
And live to be the world to me.

She is all I've become, she is all that I need
And she makes me feel one with the air that I breathe
Je l'aime à mourir.

Though sometimes we're apart, though sometimes I'm astray
It's the beat of her heart in the music I play
That keeps me sincere through all these long years, je l'aime à mourir.

I could cry for her eyes like a child in the cold
And I will live by her side 'till the day I am old
Je l'aime à mourir.

When you find someone strong, someone inside your heart
And when she takes you beyond, until death do us part
You'll know what I mean, why I would die here, je l'aime à mourir.


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