Helmut Lotti

Unchained lock

I fall in love with you right now
You make my blood play in my veins
I don't know why, I don't know how
You make my sun shine when it rains

You are the one I'm living for
I give you sweet and daring names
You make my fantasy want more
I know some quite exciting games

You walked to my doorstep
A sudden knock
you made my heart open
You unchained the lock
Of your paradise
A thrilling shock
a sweet surprise

Your lips are calling for a kiss
A wish my heart in love obeys
I know how sweet obedience is
When looking at your pretty face


You are the one I'm living for
I can't stop loving you right now
I don't want you to mention how
Just make me love you more and more

And be the one I'm living for
The only one worth living for
Yeah be the one I'm living for

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