Craig Douglas

Turn away (Audio)

I don't want to be the one to say good-bye,
for I know I'll have to hold you if you cry
Still you have to learn how a heart can yearn,
and how the tide of love can turn away.

Was it wrong to let you think that I was free,
to pretend there was no other love for me?
Now I have to leave, darling, please believe,
I don't mean to hurt you when I say, turn away.

Turn away, give everything you find in just one kiss
[Oh/*-] I never could be more to you than this
It's over now and night has met the day, turn away
Turn away, they're bringing down the curtain on our play
Our brief affair belongs to yesterday
|: Turn away :| Turn away.

Though it's time to go, my darling, don't be sad
For I always will remember what we had
You'll find love again, think of me and then
smile (...?) once more, then turn away!



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