Eric Clapton

Tulsa time

Well, I left Oklahoma, 
driving in a Pontiac,
Just about to lose my mind
I was going to Arizona, 
maybe on to California,
where people all live so fine.

My mother says I'm crazy, 
my baby calls me lazy,
But I'm gonna show them all this time
'Cause you know I ain't no fool 
and I don't need no more damn schooling
I was born to just walk the line.

|: Living on Tulsa Time :|
Gonna set my watch back to it
'cause you know that I've been through it,
living on Tulsa Time.

So there I was in Hollywood, 
thinking I was doing good,
Talking on the telephone line
They don't want me in the movies, 
and nobody sings my songs
My mama says my baby's doing fine.

So then I started winking, 
then I started thinking
that I really had a flash this time,
that I had no business leaving, 
and nobody would be grieving;
You see I'm on Tulsa time.

Chorus (bis)

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