Marlene Ricci

Tonight (Audio)

I walk the crowded streets, I'm holding you
Darling, your face is all I see
I hear the city noise, I dance with you
I feel your arms all over me.

You're that someone I've been waiting for
So come on in and close the door
and lay your body close to me.

Tonight I wanna be in love
One night I won't forget,
no tears and no regrets

Oh, tonight I wanna celebrate,
and all the love we make
has never found so right -- tonight (fine)


I'm in the mood to spend the night with you
I feel the romance in the air, ooh
No promises do where this night will lead
Just let the feeling take us there.

There's a perfect moon up in the sky
And when I look into your eyes
I feel the magic everywhere.



Oh, tonight I want you, oh

dal $egno al fine



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