Jacqueline Boyer

Tom Pillibi

Tom Pillibi is quite a guy, perfectly sweet and charming
Tom Pillibi is rather shy, that's when he's so alarming
In all my dreams I never thought that he will be romantic
But when it seems this gold got caught, my little Tommy's arm ticks.

He's quite a lover, Tom Pillibi
As I discovered when he went out with me
So with a lover, as with a book
Don't trust the cover, or you might well be hooked.

Tom Pillibi may well appear to be a little nervy
'specially if you should find him there someone well sweet and curvy
Although he's longing for a date, he'll say he wants in trying
But here and now I'd like to state: Tom Pillibi is lying.


Tom Pillibi has big blue eyes, and when you see him smiling
That's when you start to realise his smile is quite beguiling
Now that I've told you all I know, you'll never have to worry
For with a rather clever boy, better be safe than sorry.


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