Sandie Shaw

Tomorrow (Video)

Tomorrow I'll see him
Tomorrow he's arriving home
after being away quite some time.

And then there'll be him,
thinking I've been loving him alone
How can I say I don't want him to be mine?

He trusted me, I know it's true
I broke that trust, I've someone new
And I don't like what I must do tomorrow.

Tomorrow there'll be tears
I realize that he loves me so
And he really has been so good to me.

I've known him almost two years
And now I must let him go
Though I'm sorry it's the way it must be.


Tomorrow I must tell him it's all over now
What else can I do? I don't love him no more.

Tomorrow I feel better
when I tell him of what I must do
Can't go on cheating him anymore.

Couldn't write it in a letter,
telling him that our romance is through
I don't love him, I respect him as before.

And I don't like what I must do tomorrow.

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