Gene Stridel

Tomorrow is another day (Audio)

Walking ev'ry night through this lonesome town
Terrible place, there ain't nobody else around.

Something cool on my brain - what do you know
I think it's coming under rain - yeah!

I can't take my lonely route (...?)     
Ain't no part in going home, there's nobody to care.

Hands in my pockets, and my collar up high
Ah, there you go, those tears are falling from the sky.

A (...?) stone beneath my feet
Oh, what's the use? There must be millions in this street - oh yeah!

I thought I had found the one to fill my empty arms
She's gone now, and I am alone, right back at the start.


Guess I walk this pain away
I heard it say, tomorrow is another day
|: What am I gonna do?
Tomorrow is another day :| 

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