Burton Cummings

Timeless love (Audio)

Timeless love is living on,
here in my heart, baby,
and here in my song.

I miss your laugh, and I miss your smiles
I hope you hear this across the miles
And if you do, maybe my nights won't seem as long.

So I'll sing about you in the morning sun
And I'll sing about you when my music's all done
Then I'll smile, 'cause it feels good even missing you
Now I'll sing about the day you said good-bye
[Then/*And] I'll sing one to many and I'll start to cry
But that's o.k., 'cause it feels good even missing you.

Cry my memories away
They haunt me by night, honey,
and they chase me by day.

I think about what I left behind:
A piece of my heart and a piece of my mind
Still and all, they weren't enough to make you want to stay.


|: [Yes/Baby] it feels good even missing you :|
I got you in my heart forever, I'm |: |: missing you :| :|
I keep on missing you forever, ever, ever, ever, ever...

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