Daliah Lavi

This is my life (Audio)

I stopped, and as I looked around me:
It's the places and the faces that I knew
And all the things that now surround me
have always been the same, there's never something* new.

It seems that every day's the same in every way, 
autumn, winter, summertime 
Face reality, what is there left for me
to change my life, my time?

This is my life, and I'm leaving it home, alright
This is my time, even though in the end I might
end up alone, all alone and with nothing to show
This is my life, and I do what I wanna do
This is my time, but it changes** to something new
I'm getting tired of the way things are going along
in my life, my time.

Trouble always seems to find me,
no matter where I go or what I do
Somehow I leave it all behind me
There must be a bright tomorrow coming true.



La la la...

*Das ist Lübke-Englisch: Nach "never" kann nie "something" stehen, sondern nur "anything".
**Auch das geht nicht. Es ginge entweder "it changed into" oder aber "it's changing to".
Der Text ist zum Teil nur erraten, was nicht ganz leicht ist, da sie nicht nur ziemlich undeutlich singt, sondern dieser Text auch nichts mit dem des deutsches Originals zu tun hat, so daß jegliche Anhaltspunkte fehlen. Wer Ergänzungen und/oder Korrekturen anbringen kann möge mir bitte mailen!

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