Heddy Lester

The world keeps turning

Like a caroussel, the world keeps turning,
as we play our scenes and pray our dreams come true
And the story of tomorrow is the one we write today
So after all it's up to me and you.

We are told that life is what we make it
We would try to make it all worthwhile
If we only take the time to get to know each other,
the world will stop its tears and learn to smile.


When the night is gone, the dawn will follow
And the sun will chase the shadows from your mind
The caroussel that's turning to the tune the piper's playing,
repaid for all the pleasures that we find.


Then we'll change the world and its horizons
The sun and moon and stars will shine above
With summertime and roses and the winter, spring and autumn
The greatest of them all will still be love.

Chorus (bis)
|: So after all it's up to me and you :|

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