The Sandpipers

The wind will change tomorrow (Video)

Nunca podré morirme,
mi corazón no lo tengo aquí
Alguien me está esperando,
me está aguardando que vuelvo* allí.

Cuando salí de Cuba,
dejé mi vida, dejé mi amor
($) Cuando salí de Cuba,
dejé enterrado mi corazón (fine)


It's the dream of every man to go back to the land where he was born
And that's how it is with me
Every night I say a silent prayer for the day when I can go home again,
to feel the warm morning sun, and to walk where I used to run
Many things can keep a man and his homeland apart
But the years and the miles can't change what's in a man's heart
And someday, somehow, I will go back to the land I love.


dal $egno al fine

*Schlampiger Sprachgebrauch: Nach "que" muß noch immer Konjunktiv stehen, also "vuelva" - so auch im Original -; aber hier wird eindeutig Indikativ gesungen.

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