Connie Smith

The wedding cake (Audio)

Don't be troubled 'bout me 'cause I'm tired from working 'round the house when day is done
Don't think you failed me 'cause you can't afford that dishwasher to make my life more fun
You know, the measure of a man is much more than just the money he can make
And every woman knows a lot of joy and tears come with the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is not all icing and love and tender whispers in the dark
One slice is concern for all your dreams prayed they won't come true and break your heart
Another slice is feeding kids and wiping noses, crying when the doorbell rings and there are roses
Every woman knows a lot of give and take comes with the wedding cake.

It's facing shadows of the future, praying they will fall away as we walk towards them searching for the sun
And it's long and anxious hours with the wolf at the door, hugs and kisses when, at last, we see the dawn.

Though when the hands of time trace tiny lines upon our face and lace our hair with strands of grey,
we'll laugh and say for all who will partake: It all comes with the wedding cake!

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