Lenny Kuhr

The Troubadour

The tales of bold and galant knights, the fearless battles they would fight
These are the stories he'd recite - the troubadour
The many tidings he would bring about some poor and lonely king
Would never see another spring - the troubadour

A minstrel man of days gone by who gave the ladies all the eye
All knew just how to make them sigh - the troubadour, the troubadour
He'd gently lure them to a glade where he would sing his serenade
And woo a many a fare young maid - the troubadour, the troubadour


He would steal their hearts away, then greet the dawning of the day
In some small village far away - the troubadour
There, once again he'd sing a song about some war that had been won
His voice would ring out clear and strong - the troubadour

And as he drew his public near, he gave them what they came to hear
He sang of love and life and fear - the troubadour, the troubadour
He'd recall a gruesome tale, perhaps of Jonah and the whale
And make his audience all grow pale - the troubadour, the troubadour

But when he felt things goin' wrong, it never lasted very wrong
For he would start a funny song - the troubadour
Music and words - witty and kind, this minstrel man has left behind
Perhaps some day again you'll find the troubadour


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