Salvatore Adamo

The tramp with a beard (Audio)

One sunny day I was in my garden,
when a known tramp with a beard came by
He said to me, "Mister, beg your pardon,
if I don't eat, I will surely die!"

What could I do? what could I do?
I took him inside the house to feed him
He met my wife, she gave him a towel,
razor and soap, gave him new hope
When he had fed, sadly she said:
"He looks so tired, let's give him a bed."

When he had washed and shaved and rested,
to my surprise he looked 24
He went to leave, but my wife protested,
asked him to stay just a little more
She was so kind, I didn't mind
Now I look back, I must have been blind.

Came the next day when the cuckoo was crowing
Got up to dress, but my clothes were gone
Gone was my watch and my cash and cufflinks,
gone my valise with initials on.

Each of my rooms told the same old story
He was a thief, what was I to do?
Oh, what a life! Oh, what a life!
Gone was the beard, gone was my wife.

She was hanging on to my valise, it appears
But she's been gone for two and half years
Men like a sheep should be regularly shaved
Don't trust a man who's wearing a beard!

Oh, what a tragical story this is
One day a man with a beard came by,
took all my cash, my clothes and my Mrs.
What shall I do? should I laugh or cry, cry, cry, cry?

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