Abbe Lane

The story of a love (Audio)

Now that you're not by my side, dear, anymore,
in my heart there's only sadness and regret
For my life has lost its meaning,
and I'm left with only dreaming
of the moments that we shared.

You were always my only reason to exist,
to adore you from the moment that we met
But your kiss has just awakened
all the love you have forsaken
And I wonder if you care.

It's the story of a love often told, very true,
that you know the meaning of when it happens to you
Other loves may come and go, dear,
but it never is the same
In my heart I have but one fear:
Could it be I was to blame?

But I'll go on hoping you'll return to me,
that you wont' destroy our love so foolishly
Then my life will find its meaning,
and it won't be only dreaming
It's the story of love.


Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir
Adorarte para mí fue religión
En tus besos encontraba
el calor que me brindaba,
el calor de tu pasión.

It's the story of our love!

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