Salvatore Adamo

The stars will shine (Video)

One by one, all the miles, all the way
One by one, every hour brings me near you
And I know, very soon I will hear you
I'll be with you in just one more day.

(Chorus I:)
The stars will shine, my love,
as theiy did the night we parted,
when the loneliness started,
as I left you broken-hearted.

(Chorus II:)
The stars will shine, my love,
and their magic we will borrow
We will kiss away the sorrow,
when you're in my arms tomorrow.

You recall everything that I told you,
when I said I would come home again
Oh, my love, when tomorrow I hold you
you will know I was not lying then.

Chorus II

Every night I had thought about you
Every day since I left I've been lonely
Now I know just what I'm gone do
let you know I belong to you only.

Chorus I+II

|: All the stars will shine tomorrow :|

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