Kris Kristofferson

The silver-tongued devil and I (Video)

I took myself down to the Tally Ho Tavern
to buy me a bottle of beer
I sat me down by a tender young maiden
whose eyes were as dark as her hair
And as I was searching from bottle to bottle
for something un-foolish to say,
that silver-tongued devil just slipped from the shadows
and smilingly stole her away - I said, hey little girl

[Don't/*And] you know he's the devil
He's everything that I ain't
Hiding intentions of evil
under the smile of a saint
All he's good for is getting in trouble
and shifting his share of the blame
And some people swear he's my double
And some even say we're the same
But the silver-tongued devil's got nothing to lose
And I'll only live till I die
We take our own chances and pay our own dues
The silver-tongued devil and I.

Like all the fair maidens who've laid down beside him
she knew in her heart that he lied
But nothing that I could have said could have saved her,
no matter how hard that she tried
'cause she'll offer her charms to the darkness and danger
of something that she's never known,
and open her arms at the smile of a stranger,
who'll love her and leave her alone.


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