Robbie Williams

The road to Mandalay (Video)

Save me from drowning in the sea
Beat me up on the beach
What a lovely holiday
There's nothing funny left to say (fine)

This sombre song won't drain the sun
But it won't shine until it's sung
No water running in the stream
The saddest place we've ever seen.

Everything I touched was golden
Everything I loved got broken
On the road to Mandalay.

Every mistake I've ever made
Has been rehashed and then replayed
As I got lost along the way.

Bom bom bom...

There's nothing left for you to give
The truth is all that you're left with
Twenty places then at dawn
We will die and be reborn.

I like to sleep beneath the trees,
have the universe at one with me,
look down the barrel of a gun,
and feel the moon replace the sun.

Everything we've ever stolen
has been lost, returned or broken
No more dragons left to slay.



da capo al fine

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