Nik Kershaw

The riddle (Video)

I've got two strong arms
Blessings of Babylon
time to carry on
and try for sins and false alarms
So to America the brave
Wise man save.

Near a tree by a river there's a hole in the ground
where an old man of aran goes around and around
And his mind is a beacon in the veil of the night
For a strange kind of fashion there's a wrong and a right
But he'll never never fight over you.

I got plans for us:
Nights in the scullery
and days instead of me
I only know what to discuss
Oh, for anything but light
Wise men fighting over you.

It's not me, you see
Pieces of Valentine
And just a song of mine
to keep from burning history
Seasons of gasoline and gold
Wise men fold.


I got time to kill
Sly looks in corridors
without a plan of yours
A blackbird sings on bluebird hill
Thanks to the calling of the wild
Wise men's child.


Chorus (bis)

No, he'll never never fight over you!

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