Agnetha Fältskog

The queen of hearts (Audio)

So you're losing tonight
Nothing seems to go right
You keep playing the wrong cards, don't you?

Someone's throwing the dice
And you need some advice
So you listen to me now, won't you?

[You don't/*And you] know what's at stake,
that your heart's gonna break,
if you don't watch your step** tonight.

The queen of hearts is back in town
The queen of hearts still wears the crown
She does not intend to abdicate
She'll be playing it cool
She'll make you feel like a fool
And you will never know if she will play it straight
The queen of hearts is back again
And it's you she wants, my friend
You will see how well she knows her game
You're a loser from the very start,
because she deals for your heart.

For as long as you know,
you've been running the show,
always played at the winning table.

Now you know you should leave
There's no ace up your sleeve
But you feel that you are unable.


Chorus (bis)

**Der Uploader will statt dessen "yourself" heraushören - aber welchen Sinn sollte es machen, sich selber anzuschauen? A.F. singt hier zwar etwas undeutlich; aber wenn man genau hinhört, ist es schon richtig. Die Redewendung "to watch one's step" bedeutet im übertragenen Sinne "aufpassen", "vorsichtig sein".

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