B. J. Thomas

The part of me that needs you most

Touch the part of me that needs you most
Deep in the heart of me I feel you close
Right from the start we've seen this feeling grow
So touch the part of me that needs you most.

Each time we touch the feeling is such
that I think it can't go on
But how can a feeling so good turn out to be wrong?
And if each time we kiss it's a feeling like this
I know I can't be strong
Just how many times should I try to resist
when you're here in my arms, and you're touching my heart.

And I know I can't go on, can't go on without your love.


Every beat of heart could take me apart, and I can't be strong
When I never felt so much love in my life for so long
And if you feel as much every time that we touch
I know it be wrong, here in my arms touch my heart.



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