Vicky Leandros

The love in your eyes (Video) (Audio)

I saw the love in your eyes,
the day I met you for the first time
And for a while the world stopped turning,
and happiness began just for you and me.

I saw the love in your eyes
Your smile said, stay a while and love me
I knew my lonely days were ending,
as I stood close to you and the time passed by.

And though as yet no words were spoken,
your eyes said everything that I longed to hear.

My life was empty, with only sadness
No-one to need me, no-one to care
Then like a mirror reflecting gladness,
your eyes said welcome and love was there.

I saw the love in your eyes
And as two strangers met together,
|: I felt like bein' with you forever,
and always see the love that is in your eyes :|

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