Dean Martin

The look (Audio)

The look as she pass' she flies that come-hither-look    
The look that was meant for me and for me alone
The look would be out of place in a children's book
The look that could chip a piece off a heart of stone.

Consider a bit this int'resting little tableau
A look I could read, but where would it lead me to?
But mischief is out, I labeled myself diablo      
and did just exactly what she was sure I'd do.

Now with her begging calm
she ties me to the strings of her Spanish charm
That is an (...?) out the door, 
and she gives me the look.

I say goodbye now she puts her foot down
I'm flying high now that's when I am put down
I wonna die now she puts her foot down,
freezes me with the look.

Some day if she says she's by you and looks your way
I'd say, you'll do well if you overlook |: |: the look :| :|

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