Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd

The little boy and the old man

Old man, old man, is the world really round?
Tell me: where in the world can a bluebird be found?
Tell me: why is the sky up above so blue?
And when you were a boy, did you cry like I do?

What becomes of the sun when it falls in the sea?
And who lights it again so that we can see?
Tell me why can't I fly without wings when I try?
I just can't understand why you're crying old man.

Little boy, little boy, yes it's true the world is round
But I never did find where a bluebird is found
And the sky is so blue just because of love
May your sky always be like the blue sky above.

And the sun only seems to fall into the sea
If the sun always shone -- how could moonlight be?
Little boy, you can't fly, you might fall -- didn't I?
Well good bye, little boy, good bye.

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