Lena Valaitis

The legend of love (Audio)

Flames licking higher, all over fire* on our sun
Then an explosion, chilled by the ocean, world began
And yet it was cold, although fire was there*
and sun in your skies, even some (...?)

Rain, it was falling, and so appalling, silence screamed
Windy and stormy, and also many wildest dreams
Yet something was missing and really unreal
in a life being poorer or richer, to you I appeal.

You don't meet your goal when love has gone cold
The embers will die, and mythes don't lie
And living is true, all wonderful
It also can be beautifully free.

Then came the music, beautiful music, to you and me
And now I'm kneeling I get the feeling to be free
So you who believe in a miracle
the remarkable thing, there's a light from above.

(...?) not the sadness, loving brings gladness, once a night
Just for a moment, think what you're doing, make things right!
Be done with hating and begin loving and look to the sun**
And let this wonder, this wonder of wonders,
all of the people on Earth be one.

*Ein Computerprogramm würde das zwar auch heute noch nicht korrigieren; aber auch das Englische hat eine Syntax, die nicht einfach so auf den Kopf gestellt werden darf. Richtig wäre "fire all over" und "there was fire".
**Diesem Rat würde ich besser nicht folgen ;-)

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