Dorothy Collins

The Italian theme (Video)

When I was just a little child
A little theme would drive me wild
My lips would hum it, my fingers drum it
It was an organ rhymeless tune
And I would wait each afternoon 
to hear his tingle tinglelingle

And when I'd asked him what he called the song
that had me so enthralled
his eyes would glisten, and I'd listen
He'd say: It's just a melody 
I brought it back from Italy
That's how I came to name it "The Italian theme" (fine)

As the notes would ring
a monkey on a string
would dance until you'd bring a penny
On and on it played, the sidewalk serenade
The joys he brought my heart were many

Although the years have come and gone,
that melody still lingers on
I love it dearly, hear it clearly
It always will be part of me
And live deep in the heart of me,
that gentle sentimental sweet Italian theme

(Hahahahaha) When I was young
(Hahahahaha) that thoughtful song
Oh, how very fast my heart would beat
when I heard the song coming down the street

(Hahahahaha) I hope and pray
he still comes around the same old way
Thrilling little hearts each afternoon
with his (...?) tune

da capo al fine

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