Gordon Lightfoot

The house you live in (Video) (Audio)

Go first in the world, go forth with your fears
Remember a price must be paid
Be always too soon, be never too fast
at the time when all bets must be laid
Beware of the darkness, be kind to your children,
remember the woman who waits.

And the house you live in will never fall down,
if you pity the stranger who stands at your [gate/*door]

When you're caught by the gale and you're full under sail,
beware of the dangers below
And the song that you sing should not be too sad
And be sure not to sing it too slow
Be calm in the face of all common disgraces,
and know what they're doing it for.


When you're out on the road and feeling quite lost,
consider the burden of fame
And he who is wise will not criticize,
when other men fail at the game
Beware of strange faces and dark dingy places,
be careful while bending the law,


When you're down in the dumps and not ready to deal,
decide what it is that you need
Is it money or love, is it learning to live,
or is it the mouth you must feed?
Be known as a man who will always be candid
on questions that do not relate.

Chorus (bis)

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