The hoes*

Some say fun, it is a car race,
and Nascar tops the ranks
Some say fun, it's saving money,
high numbers in the banks.

Some say fun, it is a golf game,
driving balls against the sun
I say fun, it is a hooker,
think I'll go and get me one.

Fun's a hump of hunger growing
in the garden of the loin
Fun's a seed with need for sowing,
where a hole and planter join.

There are hot girls in the ghetto,
for and by crack they live
Just shield your horn of plenty
for twenty they will give.

When the nights are long and lonely
and you need that special friend,
just remember fun is only
over town, around the bend.

Spring or summer, fall or winter,
pouring rain or blizzard snows,
by the corner where the street's dark
|: you [will/can] always find the hoes :|

*Abk�rzung f�r hookers, benannt nach einem General Hooker aus dem B�rgerkrieg 1861-65, bei dessen Truppen sich sprichw�rtlich viele Prostituierte aufgehalten haben sollen.

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