The Hawaiian can't

Saw a sexy little honey in a hula skirt,
dancing topless 'round a stripper pole, began to flirt,
tipped her dollar bills from my Hawaiian shirt,
asked her out, she said: I'm sorry, can't!

So in Honolulu searched and found an ATM,
filled two money bags and saw a cop, waved hey, ta' him,
hurried back to the club where the lights were dim,
showed the cash, she still said: Sorry, can't!

I would not give up, just would not give up...

Next, I hopped a plane and flew my lusty body far
off to Rome and bought a fancy Meserati car,
h ad it shipped by boat and drove it to the bar
She said: That car's really nice, but can't!

Still I would not give up, I just could not give up
Pondered and wondered why I could not be her guy.

Final "nope" cut thru my rope, was at the end of it,
tipped another buck and stretched her thong and peeked a bit,
saw duct tape, lumpy spot, and a light bulb lit
Venus with a penis, that is why she can't!
Solved the mystery of the Hawaiian can't !

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